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Since ancient times people in Mediterranean countries have been following the Mediterranean Diet. Today the Mediterranean Diet is recognised as one of the healthiest.


Organically produced foods are better for the environment and our health. Organic farming does not use pesticides and synthetic fertilisers which pollute the soil and water.


We select our products from places far away from pollution. The particular Hellenic geomorphology and microclimate, give produce great taste and superior nutritional value.


One of the main principles of the Mediterranean diet is to consume mostly unprocessed foods. We try to keep our products as close to nature as possible.


Products from a single plant variety. We choose monovarietal products because of their uniqueness and their purity.


We do everything the traditional way: by hand. We believe that by treating our products with care, we achieve the best possible quality.


Food should be enjoyed with all our senses.
Look at the colour in the light...
smell it: does the scent bring memories?
...and then taste it.


As Hippocrates said:
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
Follow the Mediterranean Diet!